Långvik Manor games, about 2 h

We are living the manor life in bygone days playing enjoyable team games. We play traditional skittles and pétanque, throw darts, test our skills in axe throwing, recycle human letters and nail with the 'wrong' hand.

Take the piggy and run!, about 2 h

A great team competition that requires good teamwork. The idea is based on the TV format “Take the money and run”. In this version, each team gets a briefcase containing a precious plush toy along with a map over the area where the briefcase should be hidden. Tactics have to be planned and the strengths of the team have to be examined: Does the team possess speed and cunning for hiding the briefcase? And what about a poker face for the interrogations? Who turns out to be a master detective? The idea is to hide the briefcase from the other teams and in turn find the one of another team. Walkie talkies are used during the search.

Downhill Racers Beauty Contest, about 1,5 h

Using the materials provided, each team builds an impressive, head-turning downhill racer. Every element has to be built from scratch. First come ideas and the design, then the saws begin to spin and the hammers start flying. Finally, each racer is decorated to resemble the team it was built by. Competitions to decide the best-looking and fastest downhill racers follow.

Lumikenkäily pieniSnowshoe Walking (on ice or in the forest), 1-2 hours

Snowshoes are a fun and easy way of moving around in nature in winter - on sea ice and in the forest - whatever the weather. Explore the marvellous winter landscape surrounding the Långvik.

Alpine Curling, 1-2 hours

Alpine curling curling is an old-age game that can easily be played on a natural ice surface. Who has the best throw? Who's handling tactics? It's a fierce battle to be master of the ice rink – and smiles all round!

Winter Happening, about 2 hours

An energetic team competition with enjoyable team sports, including:

  • Floorball in the snow
    Winter version of the indoor game, played outside in the snow and without goalkeepers. In this sport, skills do not decide the outcome, just sisu and good team spirit.
  • Harry Potter's Winter Game
    In place of flying brooms, we use flexible canes to 'fly' on when playing this game. Tactics have to be polished so that the ball can be shot through the target ring or so that the golden 'kidditch' - in our case a real person - is trapped.
  • Snowshoe Golf
    On their turn, each team member throws their ball towards a predefined target. Their next throw is taken from where the ball has hit the ground or another object. The team that takes the smallest number of throws to reach the target is the winner.