Susanne "Susse" Ekström founded Ab SE-Action Oy in 1998. Her business idea was to sell exercise experiences, making this her permanent job with water sports and aerobics offered as external services. She also decided to become a qualified wilderness guide and diving instructor.

The current range of services offered by SE-Action is significantly wider, with the focus on meeting and "refresher" days, combined with group programmes at meeting locations in West Uusimaa, with canoeing, cycling and tours sold through the Porkkala Travel and West Uusimaa Travel brands.

SE-Action's success comes from enjoying what we do, a "Deliver what we promise" attitude and of course innovative products that move with the times. Even our partners have noted that working with us on group programmes makes their lives less complicated.

Quality 1000

SE-Action offers flexible services in an environmentally-sound way, close to Finland's capital city.

Meetings and conferences are most successful when they are organised in peaceful and beautiful surroundings, with entertaining group activities after the day's work is done. As our new facilities include accommodation, organising effective and enjoyable meeting and training days - and weekends - is easy.

The experiences we offer cover such a wide range that we can always offer an activity suitable for your group.

Operating in a responsible manner is at the core of what we doGreen start

We want to make our contribution as a responsible operator. This means that we work in the most sustainable manner, protecting the environment. We support wellbeing in children, young people and families by offering everyone opportunities to feel good about themselves.

Neta Lehtinen "I keep the office running and make sure everything's in good order. I've worked for SE-Action for more than ten years and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and spirit of cooperation. I graduated from the University of Stockholm's International Secretary programme with tourism as my main subject. I spend most of my free time outdoors with my dog."