Huvila ruokailu pieniIn the Purnus Jokilaakso kitchen, our guiding principle is that simple, uncomplicated flavours are best! With this in mind, we prepare food suitable for every occasion, all the way from a picnic lunch to delicious evening meals. In addition to items on our standard menu, we can put together a menu to match your exact needs.

We do everything we can to obtain high-quality ingredients from local producers. Root vegetables, other vegetables and beef are sourced from our municipality, and smoked fish comes from a nearby smokehouse.

Evening meals at Purnus Jokilaakso are provided in our comfortable pavilion.

Hors d'oeuvres /Starters

Rich carrot soup € 7,50
Tapas of reindeer and cheese € 8,50
Vegetable crêpes with fish roe and smetana € 9,50
Cold-smoked salmon timbale € 10,50


Gourmet sausages

Premium grilling sausage
Grilled whole sweetcorn
Potato salad
Green salad
Garlic baguette
Coffee, tea                                                                           € 20/person

Pies and salads

Tasty pies with tomato-basil salad € 45
- Ham and cheese (8 portions)  
- Broccoli and blue cheese (8 portions)  
Pasta salad and french bread - ham, chicken or vegetarian € 60/bowl (for about 8 people)


Prices include water, juice and coffee or tea.