Pies and salads

Tasty pies with tomato-basil salad € 45
- Ham and cheese (8 portions)  
- Broccoli and blue cheese (8 portions)  
Pasta salad and french bread - ham, chicken or vegetarian € 60/bowl (for about 8 people)


Prices include water, juice and coffee or tea.


Alternative choices

Chicken, cheese and pineapple pasta, cabbage salad € 14,00/person
Nacho gratin with chicken, fresh salad, guacamole € 16,00/person
Ham bake, beetroot salad € 16,00/person
Gårdskulla Angus sausage, potatoes au gratin, grated vegetables € 18,00/person


Prices include water, juice, bread, cream cheese spread and dessert coffee or tea.


Home-made and local products

No minimum charge for pasta salad and pies, but the minimum charge for other food is € 200.
Prices include VAT at 14%
Purnus Jokilaakso reserves the right to alter prices.