Se Action melonta 2019 kaksikko ja kajaakki pieni The kayaking trip starts at SE-Action Canoe Centre, on the shore of Pikkala Bay in Siuntio. The Canoe Centre's range of kayaks cover both steady and easy-to-paddle basic models and spacious touring kayaks. Rental prices include paddles, life vests, spray skirts and maps, as well as a short introduction to paddling techniques and information about destinations. The sea terrace at the Canoe Centre offers coffee and handmade ice cream to both paddlers and others who want to enjoy the maritime atmosphere.

The kayaking take-off is made easy with a tailor made jetty. If the wind happens to be hard you can always switch from sea kayaking to safe paddling up the Siuntio River, which runs into the sea just by the Canoe Centre. A good destination for a kayaking trip out into the archipelago is Kopparnäs and its beautiful islands. Here you can find cooking shelters and outside WCs, and also nice spots for setting up camp if needed. The distance from the Canoe Centre makes this perfect for a bracing day trip, whereas campers will experience the peace and silence of the nightly archipelago before waking up to a new enjoyable tour among islands and skerries.

Se Action melonta 2020 Siuntionjoki kaksikot pieni Siuntio River, the "Finnish Amazon", is a good and easy paddling route for beginners. Starting and finishing points for trips can be adjusted to your liking. Buoys anchored along the way which tell about the area's history and culture make this a very rewarding experience.

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Take also a look at Uuvi's pages where you can find interesting destinations for your paddling trips.

We paddle from the Canoe Center to Siuntio River through the lock and then along the river to Vikträsk Lake, where we go ashore at our regular stopping place. Canoeing to the rock and back is a short and safe trip - very suitable for first-timers. Paddling time on Vikträsk Lake is just 45 minutes in a canoe. The river is placid and the current in summer is slow. Reserve three hours and tasty food and drink for this trip. You can swim at the place where we go ashore.

Se Action melonta 2019 Siuntionjoki Sjundby pieniThe paddling trip from the Canoe Center to Sjundby Manor is about 6 kilometres. There's a place to rest on the shore of Vikträsk Lake. The landing stage at Sjundby makes getting ashore easy. A very pleasant trip can also start from Sjundby.

Built in the 1500s, Sjundby's mediaeval manor and its surroundings are well worth a visit! Please remember that as the building is still in private hands, visitors should only enter the courtyard with a guide. In the summer, hikers are served by Café Sjundby and guided tours of the manor are available at 13.00 on days when the café is open.

Paddling route on the river starts from Pappila (Pappilantie 118, 02570 Siuntio) and ends to Siuntion Melontakeskus (Störsvikintie 140, Siuntio).

The route is about 13 km, and it takes about 5 hours including breaks.

Before paddling please leave your other car to the end point at Siuntion Melontakeskus, or after paddling you can also call taxi to bring you back to your car at the starting point.

At Pappila park your car by side of the road snuggly so that other road users can still pass by. The parking area at Pappila yard is private owned and does not have anything to do with paddling, parking on the yard is not allowed.

The river is easy to paddle, and there are no white waters. The two lakes along the river can be a bit challenging if the weather is very windy. The route is suitable for children also. Child can sit in front seat of the double kayak, or small child can also sit at the bottom of a canoe. Canoe capacity is two adults and one small child. Strong and sporty child about 12-year-old can usually manage to paddle own single kayak.