Renting canoeing equipment

Se Action melonta 2020 kajakki pieniIndependent paddlers can rent canoes or kayaks from the SE-Action Canoe Centre in Siuntio. We also transport canoes to a location of your choice.

Canoeing equipment you can rent from the SE-Action Canoe Centre includes a variety of kayaks (single and tandem), SUP boards and open canoes. Rental prices include paddles, life vests and watertight bags.

Check rental prices and other info on the Canoe Center page!

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Canoeing trips for companies and groups

In the summer season, SE-Action organises canoeing trips for companies and groups on request, both in the West Uusimaa region and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Trips lasting several hours or a whole day are a great addition to a meeting or experience day.

Our own paddling route runs from Purnus Jokilaakso along the lush green Siuntio River to the sea, crossing two lakes on the way. We can also organise paddling trips in Fiskars Nature, along the Karjaa River and on the Lohja and Vitträsk lakes, and in the Siuntio / Inkoo / Kirkkonummi / Tammisaari / Hanko / Espoo and Helsinki archipelagos.

Welcome to the world of paddling!

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