Gourmet sausages

Premium grilling sausage
Grilled whole sweetcorn
Potato salad
Green salad
Garlic baguette
Coffee, tea                                                                           € 20/person



Grilled marinated chicken fillet
Garlic-flavoured yoghurt sauce
Herb rice
Purnus spinach salad
Coffee, tea                                                                           € 24/person


Flamed salmon

Flamed salmon, tartar sauce
Baked potatoes, parsley butter
Green salad
Coffee, tea                                                                           € 26/person



Juicy Angus steak from the grill
Garlic potatoes
Green salad
Coffee, tea                                                                           € 28/person



French toast € 6/person
Grilled bananas € 6/person
Purnus pancakes € 6/person
Sjundby ice cream € 6/person


Home-made and local products

Prices include VAT at 14%
Purnus Jokilaakso reserves the right to alter prices.