Operating in a responsible manner is at the core of what we doGreen start

We want to make our contribution as a responsible operator. This means that we work in the most sustainable manner, protecting the environment. We support wellbeing in children, young people and families by offering everyone opportunities to feel good about themselves.

Sustainable tourism and protecting the environment

SE-Action delivers experiences in environmentally-sound ways: canoeing services, not off-road trips on quad bikes. On our paddling trips, we don't go ashore and make fires just anywhere, only in places intended for this activity. On hiking trips we use the same paths. We recommend that our groups use buses rather than private vehicles. We support local producers by - whenever possible - always using their produce in the food we prepare.
Our cottages in Purnus Jokilaakso have log walls and are heated by air heat-pumps. The insulation is made from recycled paper. Lighting is of the energy-saving type and the taps help save water. Organic waste is recycled and used as compost.

Quality and safety

SE-Action ia part of the Laatutonni quality programme, which uses criteria defined by international quality assessment organisations. Laatutonni includes regular checks of our event services and safety routines in accordance with guidelines issued by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. Your safety is our top priority.

Local cooperation

Cooperation with local operators in Siuntio and West Uusimaa makes us all stronger. The tours organised by Porkkala Travel support livelihoods in our local archipelago. The trips we make involve small groups and are designed to be a sustainable form of tourism. We do what we can to ensure that our tourist activities benefit local inhabitants.