Lumikenkäily pieniSnowshoe Walking (on ice or in the forest), 1-2 hours

Snowshoes are a fun and easy way of moving around in nature in winter - on sea ice and in the forest - whatever the weather. Explore the marvellous winter landscape surrounding the Långvik.

Alpine Curling, 1-2 hours

Alpine curling curling is an old-age game that can easily be played on a natural ice surface. Who has the best throw? Who's handling tactics? It's a fierce battle to be master of the ice rink – and smiles all round!

Winter Happening, about 2 hours

An energetic team competition with enjoyable team sports, including:

  • Floorball in the snow
    Winter version of the indoor game, played outside in the snow and without goalkeepers. In this sport, skills do not decide the outcome, just sisu and good team spirit.
  • Harry Potter's Winter Game
    In place of flying brooms, we use flexible canes to 'fly' on when playing this game. Tactics have to be polished so that the ball can be shot through the target ring or so that the golden 'kidditch' - in our case a real person - is trapped.
  • Snowshoe Golf
    On their turn, each team member throws their ball towards a predefined target. Their next throw is taken from where the ball has hit the ground or another object. The team that takes the smallest number of throws to reach the target is the winner.


Colourful Snow sculpture, about 1 hour

Snow can be used to make almost any form of art! And adding a little colour makes it even more fun! Each group is assigned a heap of snow and tools that can be used to create works of art. A really amusing way to build team spirit and combine this with brisk outside exercise.

Trip Skating on natural ice, about 2 hours

Everyone can go trip skating – both beginners and those with experience - enjoy marvellous winter landscapes and the freedom of skating!
Your shoes must provide good support. Hiking shoes or high winter shoes with a thick sole are suitable. Your ankles need to be supported!

Winter Olympics, about 2 hours

Divide your group into teams and this amusing Olympics can begin. Sports include building a mini ski-jumping hill, racing miniature (finger-size) sledges, the highly amusing team skiing, alpine curling and the kick-sledge relay.

Fiskars Winter Games, about 2 hours

Have fun with snow work using Fiskars quality tools - in the company's own words, Less effort,!
Winter games categories:
• Snow Sledge Rally
• Snow Sculpture
• Snow Pusher Floorball
• Micro Ski Jumping
• Alpine Curling Fiskars Style

Ice fishing, about 2 hours

We make our way out on to the sea ice and the principles behind ice fishing are explained. Enjoy the quiet peaceful winter day and the excitement of wondering what your catch could be...
The price includes fishing equipment, guidance and all necessary items of clothing and accessories: coveralls, hats, gloves, boots, woollen socks, ice picks, a fishing stool and backpack and (of course) bait.

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