Långvik Manor games, about 2 h

We are living the manor life in bygone days playing enjoyable team games. We play traditional skittles and pétanque, throw darts, test our skills in axe throwing, recycle human letters and nail with the 'wrong' hand.

Take the piggy and run!, about 2 h

A great team competition that requires good teamwork. The idea is based on the TV format “Take the money and run”. In this version, each team gets a briefcase containing a precious plush toy along with a map over the area where the briefcase should be hidden. Tactics have to be planned and the strengths of the team have to be examined: Does the team possess speed and cunning for hiding the briefcase? And what about a poker face for the interrogations? Who turns out to be a master detective? The idea is to hide the briefcase from the other teams and in turn find the one of another team. Walkie talkies are used during the search.

Downhill Racers Beauty Contest, about 1,5 h

Using the materials provided, each team builds an impressive, head-turning downhill racer. Every element has to be built from scratch. First come ideas and the design, then the saws begin to spin and the hammers start flying. Finally, each racer is decorated to resemble the team it was built by. Competitions to decide the best-looking and fastest downhill racers follow.

Team Rafting, about 1,5 h

The ability of team members to cooperate successfully is tested as they construct a raft. Everyone is involved in designing and building their team's vessel using the materials provided, and then it has to be steered along a marked course. Each team selects its own "oarsman" and the winning team is the one whose raft is the first to cross the finish line.

The Biggest Loser, about 2 h

As in the well-known television series, players in this game attempt to lose as much weight as possible. Members of each team are first given extra weight to carry, and then have to get rid of as much as they can by completing tasks and solving puzzles. These typically involve Långvik's secret language, choreography, balancing, endurance, answering questions connected with health and exercise, sporting performance and problem solving. When all the tasks have been completed, each team's members are weighed and the winning team is rewarded with resounding applause or magnificent prizes.

Porkala Stoj!, 1,5-2 h

Explore the local history of the Porkkala region and have fun while you're doing it! After your group is divided into teams, work begins. The first task is to build a vehicle that can be used to evacuate people and their belongings from the area leased to the Soviet Union. Then you have to negotiate with Soviet soldiers on cross-border trade. After the Soviets have left, team members have to cross minefields without catching the Porkkala "disease", and then work on reconstructing the region. Finally, teams are given historical information about the different phases of the Porkkala Parenthesis and have to produce a memorable theatrical production.

Frisbee Golf, about 1,5 h

Your objective is to complete the course using as few throws as possible. The winner is the person who takes the smallest number of shots. Your journey starts from the tee and ends at a basket which is the goal. Can also be played as a team game.

Guided kayaking, 2 h

Spend a refreshing day outdoors paddling, or bring your meeting day to an enjoyable conclusion with a relaxing canoe trip. Programmes are planned according to each group's skills and abilities. Before each trip begins, guidance is given regarding canoeing technique and safety issues.

Guided Stand Up Paddling, 1-1,5 h

Stand Up Paddling is easy to learn and an amazing full-body workout. SUP means paddling standing on a surfboard, experiencing the surrounding nature from a new perspective.
Learn the Stand Up Paddling technique and relating safesty issues while enjoying the beautiful sea landscapes.

Guided Bicycle Trip, 2 h

Trips through the beautiful Kirkkonummi countryside on quality hybrid bicycles. As your guide has excellent local knowledge and provides fascinating information about local history, each trip offers both exercise and cultural rewards. Trips can include a visit to the Hvitträsk Museum (entrance fee payable) or hiking in Hvitträsk Park and its cultural landscape.

Team Track, about 2h

Team Track takes place at ground level and require effective teamwork. Typical tasks are Minefield (every member of the team has to cross the minefield, moving carefully from one marked point to the next but remaining connected as a group), Tower Construction (building a tower that resembles a totem pole from a set of wooden blocks), Knot, Electric Cable... All the tasks are fun and suitable for all ages.

Tricks and Gimmicks, about 2 h

Tasks that require brainwork, working together and a sense of humour. Tricks and Gimmicks can be organised as a competition or as teamwork. The idea is to solve the tasks given by the instructor using each team's collective talents. Typical task include assembling a design from a set of blocks, working out how to undo a difficult knot and building a structure out of logs. The instructor provides hints when necessary.

Skills of the Långvik Wilderness, about 1,5-2 h

Skills of the Långvik Wilderness is a fun and enjoyable competition that test the wilderness skills of anyone in normal physical condition and people interested in such things. The programme includes making fire and making your own tea, identification of plants, berries and mushrooms, knots to use in life-saving situations, medicines from nature and measuring the height of trees. Useful skills for everyday life!

Yard Games, about 1-2 h

Plenty of fun playing traditional yard games together:
• Mölkky – a throwing game from Päijät-Häme in southern Finland, suitable for all ages whatever your condition. Success requires only simple equipment and the right amount of skill and luck.
• Kyykkä (Finnish skittles) - a centuries-old game of Karelian origin.
• Kubb – an old game from Gotland, invented in times when every yard had a pile of firewood. Just choose a suitable number of the right-sized logs, and you'll be playing Kubb.
• Pétanque - a French game played with metal balls. Each player tries to throw their balls as close as they can to a small wooden target ball.

Amazing Race, 2 h

Your group is divided into teams and each team is given a map. With the help of this and other clues, the first cross on the map is located together with instructions for a task that team members must complete together. Once this has been done successfully, new clues are provided which lead to the next cross and a new task. By solving the clues, completing tasks and using their orienteering and tactical skills, teams make their way to the finish line.

Archery, about 1-2 h

Aim at the target as carefully as you can, concentrate on your breathing and make sure that the nock of the arrow is close to your ear. Think positively and learn to conquer your nerves. Archery is a fascinating and relaxing way to spend time outdoors. It's a technical sport in which even first-timers can experience the thrill of success. We use traditional bows without accessories (no sights or stabilisers) and shoot at numbered targets. Organised with a focus on enjoyment, archery sessions are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or gender!

Open Air Exercise, about 1 h

Studies have shown that open air exercise leads to several health benefits, such as lower anxiety and stress levels, increasing creativity, eased ability to fall asleep and improved sleep quality. Exercising in nature strengthens the musculoskeletal system and burns more calories than similar exercises on flat ground. Nature is full of stimuli distracting you from the performance itself, and this is why outdoor exercise feels less strenuous than indoor sports.
Strength training exercises and stretching moves are made along the trail, using nature's own exercise equipment.

Silent walk, 1-1,5 h

Are you able to stop for a moment? To turn off the “mind chatter”? To focus on this moment and not think of anything at all? Just enjoy the surrounding nature and listen to the silence?
This is what we aim at on our silent walk, and we start by turning off all phones. We walk slowly, sensing nature, being present.
If you wish, we can end the walk by spending a peaceful moment by a campfire.


Amusing Team Games, about 1-1,5h

Team games are designed so that everyone has fun together and no-one is forced to embarrass themselves in front of others. Tasks require every ounce of humour you have, some ingenuity and a little agility, but can be solved by people of all ages and sizes. The games are "Recycling human letters", "Theme pantomime", "Facts in the right order", "Magnetic body parts" and "Creating a satellite connection".

Values and visions in images, 1,5-2 hours

Your group is divided into teams. Each team has the task of creating a photographic exhibition that communicates your company's values and visions. Works created by team members are immortalised using a digital camera. All photographic subject matter has to be designed and assembled using objects specified by the director and/or other props that suit the theme. Finally, each team presents its images to other members of the group.

Battling artists, about 2 hours

Spend a moment with famous artists and let your creativity shine! Each group chooses an artist - this defines the artistic style in which group members will create new works of art. Themes are either agreed in advance or a free choice. Paintings are judged at an art exhibition and team members also have the opportunity to raise the value of their works in the secret casino where the game is played.

Fashion Creation,  about 1-1.5 hour

Teams are given craft equipment and work on their own individual creations. The inspiration or theme is values that the team considers to be important - these have to be agreed in advance. The artistic results are presented to the other teams either once they have been completed or as part of an evening fashion show. Each group chooses one to 'model' what they have produced and another to act as the presenter who describes the different phases of the work and which important values it shows.

Qigong and mobility, outdoors on the lawn or indoors, 1 h

Qigong was developed in China more than 2000 years ago, with the aim to prevent diseases. With the help of mental concentration, easy moves and breathing we speed up the energy flow in our body and remove and prevent harmful energy blocks. During the class, we also exercise moves that improve and maintain mobility. Part of the moves are inspired from yoga and pilates. The class is suitable for people with different levels of physical condition.


Kymppitonni, about 1-1.5 hour

The first Kymppitonni was broadcasted on television more than 25 years ago, hosted by Riitta Väisänen. We now play it as a team game, inventing clever clues to guess words. The team with the most points wins.

Murder Mystery, about 1-1.5 hour

The action takes place in Finland in the 1940s, inside the Porkkala Parenthesis. The war has just ended and the Porkkala region has been rented to the Siviet Union as a naval base. A high-level major attending an evening event has died in mysterious circumstances. Is it murder or death from natural causes? You have to find out... Your group's task is to solve the mystery based on profiles of the people involved and witness statements. New evidence emerges as the investigation proceeds.
For the best atmosphere, Murder Mystery should be organised in the evening, when it is dark outside.

Bingo, about 1 hour

Invented in Italy in the 1530s, Bingo is a game of luck. Each player has their own card featuring a set of numbers arranged in a grid. The winner is the first player to tick off a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of numbers and shout "Bingo!"
Prizes can be agreed in advance.

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