The 9-hole forest golf course lies in the middle of beautiful forest where trees and other vegetation belong to the spirit of the game. Equipment for the golf will be floorball sticks and balls. Tees and holes can be easily found along the path. Greencard is not needed - only a sense of humor and some good sportmanship.

The price for a game is 40 € / group and the round lasts about an hour. You can purchase game from our online store or pay with Mobile Pay to SE-Action Oy 76647. It is also possible to use Smartum, E-pass, Edenred and Virike cards. Departure times every hour from ten o'clock onwards. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know when you are coming so we make sure there are no others coming to play at the same time.

It is also possible to enjoy Sjundby's ice cream before or after the game!

In forest golf we use floorball sticks and balls, and these can be found under the Purnus -sign in a blue bucket.

The golf course is situated in the middle of forest, about 500 meters walking distance from the parking lot. Bring your water bottle and some snacks with you if you wish because at the end of the track you can find fully covered terrace where it might be nice to enjoy the view.



From the parking space, follow the road downhill and across the river, and up to a villa. From the left side of the villa you can find a forest road. The path is marked with white paint dots on the trees. Follow the forest road and walk past the big tiipii. Continue onwards, and after a curve walk over a small wooden bridge on the right. Continue the path uphill to the left, this leads to the starting point of the track. You´ll see a red wooden board marked with number one.


The kick-off is always struck from top of the log piece, towards a pink stick with yellow or black flag that marks the hole in place. Even Hole-In-One is possible but not likely. The living vegetation and tree twigs may be gently moved aside but you are not allowed to torn or remove any obstacles from the course. Mark the number of your strokes on the card and the one with the fewest strokes wins.


The next tee-spot should be visible from the hole, or you will find it by continuing along the path for a bit. Follow the white markings.



From the last, ninth hole, continue along the path and you will reach the Rock Terrace. It might be nice place to relax a bit and enjoy your snacks. Outdoor toilet can be found a little bit lower along the trail. After a break, continue down the path and onto the forest road and turn left. Follow the forest road back to the villa.


Return the used equipment in the grey bucket under the Purnus -sign. We want to keep used equipment separate from the unused. Used equipment will be cleaned/disinfected before the next use.