This tour starts with a guided visit to the Church of Saint Lauri in Lohja, Finland's third-largest
greystone church. The building's unusually rich collection of wall paintings makes it the country's pre-eminent monument of church architecture from the Middle Ages.

We continue to the village of Sammatti to visit Paikkarin Torppa, the birthplace of Elias Lönnrot, compiler of the Kalevala, Finland's national epic.

Sammatti's beautiful church was built in 1755 and is one of the oldest wooden churches in Finland that is used all year round. We visit the Elias Lönnrot monument in the cemetery.

Lunch at Sammatin Kievari, a former wooden school building.

The Nordic countries' first Quiet Garden- both a retreat and a place for encounters - is located in Vivamo. We visit the Chapel of Saint Birgitta, built in 2003 in the Middle Ages greystone church style on a peninsula extending into Lohjanjärvi lake. The trip ends with afternoon coffee in Vivamo.