Se Action ryhmmelonta 2020 Siuntionjoki pieniSE-Action organises paddling courses in accordance with recommendations by the Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation just a stone's throw from Helsinki. Our starter course for kayakers provides you with a solid basis for taking up canoeing as a hobby, and our continuation courses teach you more about paddling technique.

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Tel: +358-9-256 4040
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Kopparns strandCourse days at Otsolahti Canoe Center:

Mon-Wed 7.-9.6.2021 (18.00-21.00)

Mon-Wed 5.-7.7.2021 (18.00-21.00)

Mon-Wed 2.-4.8.2021 (18.00-21.00)

Course duration: 10 hours.


Course Days at Siuntio Canoe Center:                                                                                                                                      

Mon-Wed 14.-16.6.2021 (18.00-21.00)                                                                                                                                       

Mon-Wed 26.-28.7.2021 (18.00-21.00)                                                                                                                                       

Mon-Wed 23.-25.8.2021 (18.00-21.00)

Course duration: 10 hours.

Course targets include making sure you're ready to get wet in this new hobby, and ensuring that you're safe on the water. We take breaks for refreshment at suitable intervals, make sure you bring a snack and something to drink with you!

Se Action melonta 2019 kaksikko ja kajaakki pieni Can be arranged upon request.
Trip duration: 8 hours (10:00-18:00)
Departure and return: Siuntio Canoe Center or Otsolahti Canoe Center

Our paddling trips on the sea are designed for people with canoeing experience - participants should have a good command of basic paddling technique. Weather permitting, this guided trip takes you through the Siuntio and Inkoo / Espoo and Helsinki archipelagos. We take breaks in suitable locations, so bring something to eat and drink with you.

Can be arranged upon request.Se Action SUP laudat 2020 pieniCourse duration: 90 minutes.
Location: Siuntio Canoe Center or Otsolahti Canoe Center.

SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is rapidly growing in popularity. Paddlers use a larger-than-normal surfboard specially designed for the sport and a purpose-built paddle. Our courses teach you the basics so that you can take to the water under your own steam.