Kaarteen sotamuseo LottakanttiiniThe guide joins the group and the trip begins at the museum Kaarteen kotisotamuseo. Teija and Kalervo Kaarre's home museum is a tribute to those who fought for our independence and a reminder of Finland's honourable history. The museum displays objects and weapons from the wars of 1939-45, a Lotta canteen, a trench, a dugout and voices of war.

At the Alitalo Winery, we learn about apple cultivation in Lohja and the worlds of apple wine and apple cider. The thousands of apple trees growing on the estate and the farm animals create a unique experience in the middle of nature. Lunch is served in the Winery's restaurant, and before we leave there is still time to do some shopping.

On the tour of Tytyri Mine Museum we listen to a description of Lohja's mining history and current activities and visit an excavated chamber that measures more than 100 metres wide and is located more than 100 metres below sea level.

Afternoon coffee is offered at Kahvila Liisa, inside old and comfortable log walls. The sales outlet for the Lohja District Handicraft Association is in the same location.